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  • Overview

    Yaris - Fit more in.

    Toyota Yaris gives you more space to fit your life into. And because it’s a Toyota, the Yaris is built with the highest levels of quality and safety with 7 Airbags and Vehicle Stability Control as standard on all grades.

    Yaris sets the pace with its refined interior, clever storage and an intuitive Toyota Touch multimedia system. Advanced Toyota engineering delivers 58.9 mpg combined cycle and with Co2 emissions of only 111 g/km, gives you an annual road tax of just €200.

  • Features

    • Choice of 1.0 and 1.33 litre petrol or 1.4 litre diesel engines
    • Prices from €14,995
    • Annual Road Tax of €200
    • Fuel efficent engines, from 58.9 mpg for 1.0 VVT-i
    • Powerful VVT-i engines, from 69bhp to 99bhp
    • Automatic CVT transmission available (MultiDrive)
    • 15" wheels for stability and control
    • Remote Audio Control Switches
    • Remote Central Locking
    • Power front Windows
    • Heated exterior door mirrors
    • Air Conditioning available
    • Toyota Touch multimedia system (6.1" colour touch screen)
    • Bluetooth
    • Rear view camera
    • USB & Auxiliary Connection for Ipod/MP3 device
    • 6 Speaker Audio System
    • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
    • Stop & Start system
    • 7 Airbags including drivers knee airbag
    • Traction Control
    • 60/40 Rear Split Seats
    • ISOFIX Rear Fitting Points
    • Rear Seatbelt Reminders
  • No. 1 For Re-sale Value

    Toyota No. 1 for Re-sale value in Ireland

    New Independent Study Reveals Toyota Cars Retain Their Value Longer Than Any Other Brands

    Toyota cars are number one in Ireland for retaining their value for longer than other car brands, according to the results of a comprehensive new study by Cartell.ie, Ireland's largest official vehicle records company. The study analysed the residual values of new cars in the Irish market originally purchased in 2010, with up to 50,000 km on the clock.

    Residual Value

    Cartell.ie developed a mathematical model based on two years of advertised car prices from Ireland's leading used car sales site Carzone.ie, plus Autotrader.ie and also from Adverts.ie, taking into account more than 200,000 data points. Given that used cars are individually unique, prices were mathematically normalised to a value representative of 50,000km for 2010 cars.

    Of the nine categories examined (including both petrol and diesel models in each class size), Toyota ranked first in seven out of nine categories.

    The rankings are as follows:

    • Toyota Aygo ranked first in the A segment, petrol.
    • Toyota Yaris ranked first in the B segment for both petrol and diesel.
    • Toyota Corolla ranked first of all C segment petrol passenger vehicles, and Auris ranked first in diesel.
    • Toyota Avensis ranked first in the D segment, petrol.
    • Toyota Verso ranked first in the small MPV diesel segment.

    Commenting on the study, Mr. David Shannon, Managing Director of Toyota Ireland said: "When it comes to buying a new car, the assessment of true value goes well beyond the initial retail price. People need to consider not only the day to day running costs, but also the total cost of ownership - including what the value of their car is when it comes time to change it.

    This year, we have launched a huge number of new models into the Irish market including all-new Corolla, Rav4, Prius+, Verso and Auris Touring Sports, and now have the widest and newest line of car models available from any manufacturer in Ireland".

  • Safety

    Safety – Driving safety innovations onward

    At Toyota, we put your safety above anything else. That's why every Toyota comes with such a wide array of including active safety features (which seeks to minimize the chances of an accident occurring) and passive safety features (which seeks to minimize the damage or injuries sustained in an accident). We continue to strive for technology that prevents and minimizes the damage of an accident in any situation.

    Read more about Toyota's safety technology

  • Warranty


    Comprehensive Warranty

    3 year vehicle warranty covers any defect caused by a manufacturing or assembly fault. It is valid for 3 years of normal use or 100,000 km, whichever comes first, with no mileage limitation for the first year.

    If the car is immobilised due to a breakdown (as a result of a defect covered under warranty), you will also be covered for the cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest authorised Toyota repairer.

    3 year paint warranty covers surface rust and paint defects appearing on any of the painted body panels as a result of a fault in materials for a period of 3 years, regardless of mileage.

    12 year anti-perforation warranty covers against perforation of the bodywork (from inside to outside) that develops due to corrosion caused by faults in materials or workmanship, regardless of mileage.

    Toyota Eurocare

    In order to help you enjoy peace of mind driving, we are pleased to provide 3 years' Toyota Eurocare roadside assistance coverage in no fewer than 40 European countries. If you experience a problem with your Yaris, Toyota Eurocare offers several possibilities to keep you on the road.

    Added Security

    The Yaris security system withstands the insurance industry's rigorous 5-minute attack test and provides excellent protection. The engine immobiliser is approved by Europe's major insurance companies.

  • Reviews

    Yaris Press Reviews

    'New Yaris is a touch above the competition.'

    'Around town the car comes into it's own, where the light steering and small turning circle make driving and parking easy. The reversing camera was very useful too.' 'One of the most innovative features is the new Touch system, a 6.1-inch screen though which you can access the car's media systems.'

    Ferdia O'Dowd, The Sunday Business Post

    'Rolling Back The Yaris'

    'We were heading west one evening and my front-seat passenger remarked a few times on how solid and confortable it felt over the course of a long and sometimes sentimental journey.... The real sense of space comes from the high roof which makes the cabin feel large. Importantly too, the seats were strong, supportive and big enough to accomodate larger, weary bodies.'

    Eddie Cunningham - Irish Independent

    ...one of the best packaged cars on the market.

    Manufacturers hope that the new generation Toyota Yaris will follow in the footsteps of the previous model, which was one of the best selling cars in it's category in Ireland with sales of 3,500 units per year. The new model is built on a new platform, is larger in every dimension and better equipped. You really need to park the two cars side by side to appreciate the extended size of the new Yaris, which is 110mm longer, 30mm higher and with added wheelbase of 90mm. All of these changes combine to make this one of the best packaged cars on the market.

    Ferdia O'Dowd, The Sunday Business Post

    On open roads, it feels substantial and solid.

    On the outside, the larger size has actually improved the Yaris's looks. It appears stockier more purposeful and funkier than the old one. To go with the new space, there is a more radical interior. The dash features the central digital display we are familiar with from the old car. This is easy to read and looks good. On open roads, it feels substantial and solid.

    Car Buyers Guide

    The Yaris is comfortable...

    The Yaris is comfortable. It has a superb turning circle, good driving position with good back support and the rear can comfortably carry two big adults or three smaller people.

    Martin Brennan, Sunday Tribune 2

    A nicer drive thanks to the better driving position, improved comfort and better build quality.

    They've also made it a nicer drive thanks to the better driving position, improved comfort and better build quality. The most noticeable change is the centrally mounted instrument panel. This is neatly organised and very user friendly with big controls for both the audio system and the heater. Above this, the centrally located 3–D digital display hovers like a hologram in its darkened pod. It too seems much better than the old version and deserves much praise for its clarity. Also deserving of praise is the flat load floor you get by tipping the rear seats forward.

    Phil O'Kelly, Irish Daily Star Sunday

    The new Yaris was well balanced, comfortable, quiet and well equipped.

    So is this better [than the old Yaris]? It needs to be. Because it comes to a marketplace where old loyalties are more easily fractured by rising tides of competence and value. Little can be taken for granted any more. I came to this with a completely open mind. Before I even got in, it struck me as being larger and more robust. The lines are cleaner and it has a definite European look. Inside the cabin was more spacious. The driving position was excellent and the amount of room at my disposal appreciably greater. There were no thuds and jerks from ruts and bumps. This had the smoothness of something from the family saloon class: no fuss, no flightiness. The result was an easy undemanding drive. They have given the little three-cylinder engine a smidgen more power and torque (pulling power). In real terms I noticed the latter in city traffic where third gear spanned a wide range of speeds. I could let it crawl or zip along depending on flow. That's important. I could keep both hands on steering wheel for longer in potentially dangerous conditions rather than switching from gear to gear. The seats are tall and thin but they were remarkably supportive and sturdy. The tallest daughter sat in the back on one journey. She had plenty of room, she said. The new Yaris was well balanced, comfortable, quiet and well equipped. The sort of excellent little car you end up taking for granted. And it comes with a three year warranty.

    Eddie Cunningham, Irish Independent

    Yaris Customer Reviews

    Love my yaris always reliable and nippy out to run around in

    Gladys Seymour